Southwire Engineering Academy Students Visit Dawnbreakers

Thanks to Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus, Carrollton High School Principal and Dawnbreaker David Brooks, Dawnbreaker Laurie Fleck and many others who played an instrumental role in inviting a selection of Southwire Engineering Academy students from Carrollton High School to speak to the Carrollton Dawnbreakers Rotary on Wednesday, March 28.

Dr. Albertus welcomed the group, praising the efforts of Carrollton Dawnbreakers in the community and providing an overview of the Southwire Engineering Academy, which is a cooperative internship program for seniors in the Carrollton High School STEM program.

Developed by Southwire and Carrollton City Schools, SWEA promotes achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics while enabling students to apply these disciplines in a real-world manufacturing setting. Graduates from the program have gone on to seek post-secondary and career opportunities at Yale, Vanderbilt, MIT, Microsoft, the NFL, AT&T, CocaCola, Disney, various medical and law schools and, of course, Southwire… just to name a few.

Five students from the program were in attendance for the meeting to speak on behalf of their experiences. Current projects for these students include analyzing the coefficient of friction on cable jackets for certain Southwire products, looking for cost reduction opportunities in the manufacturing process, providing recommendations for racking systems for products, implementing new technology systems within the corporate office space and much more.

“This program is a catapult to engineering,” said Tom Heberling, senior vice president of manufacturing for Southwire and SWEA sponsor. “We’re all part of this together and have the best interest at heart for the success of the student, the school, the company and our community.”