President-Elect, Adam Wilkins, Introduces Board for 2018-2019 Year

Carrollton Dawnbreakers President Elect, Adam Wilkins, took over the mic this morning to give a peek into the upcoming year as he transitions into President.

Wilkins introduced the Club Board for the 2018-2019 year and some fresh new ideas coming in the near future. A few Board members spent time explaining how they plan to better their division and what they’re most excited about next year.

2018-2019 Dawnbreakers Club Board Members:

Jim Cooley, Membership
Meg Wilson, Secretary
Cason Hightower, Public Image
Grace Pippin, Programs
Adam Wilkins, President
Ryan Swertfager, Projects
Alicia Michael, Youth Programs
Becky Preston, Treasurer
John Baxter, Sergeant-at-Arms
Emily Wilkins, Fundraising

Not Pictured:
Ashley Bush, President-Elect
Laurie Fleck, Administration
Mark Foster, Rotary Foundation

Wilkins will be inducted into Presidency on June 27th, 2018.