Dr. Lynn Holmes and His Wealth of Knowledge Regarding China

Ancient history expert and avid traveler, Dr. Lynn Holmes, enlightened Dawnbreakers about the past and current state of China, its relationship with the U.S, and many other interesting facts about this foreign nation.

Holmes began the program by forewarning that China is not where his expertise lies, as he studied the Middle East the majority of his life, but has been traveling to China since 1993 and just recently visited two weeks ago. Holmes explained how the Rotary Foundation Fellowship for International Understanding played a huge role in his ability to travel and further educate himself on other parts of the world at an early age.

Dr. Lynn Holmes_Dawnbreakers Rotary Club of Carrollton

Dr. Holmes with Dawnbreakers’ President, Michael Stone

“China is well on its way to becoming the top country in the world. They are working hard to accomplish this.”

Did you know China has more millionaires and billionaires than the U.S? 300 million Chinese immigrants are building cities the size of Houston once a month. Another interesting fact Holmes shared is that China has a positive relationship with the U.S and President Trump, shockingly thanks to North Korea Leader, Kim Jong-Un.

“Kim Jong-Un is actually mending the relationship between the U.S and China because of his favor of Trump.”

China and it’s trade relationship with North Korea is highly important, therefore China values the input of Kim Jong-Un. China expects to be the leading country in trade by 2020.

Dr. Lynn Holmes offered a plethora of information; it was a very intriguing program, that’s for sure!