Angela Dailey of West Georgia Woman Magazine Speaks on the Humble Beginnings of Her Magazine

The speaker for club assembly on 5/16 was Owner and Publisher of West Georgia Woman Magazine, Angela Dailey. She shared her background and humble beginnings of her magazine and how it spotlights all types of women in Carroll County.

Dailey has written about several Dawnbreakers in her magazine over the years, but puts a great emphasis on one particular concern:

“Suicide is not an easy subject to talk about, but we must talk about it with our family and friends. I lost my nephew, Tristan, to suicide in September 2015, and someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds worldwide. We publish a suicide awareness issue each year to help bring awareness to suicide in our communities throughout West Georgia.”

West Georgia Woman Magazine_Dawnbreakers Rotary

Dailey also mentioned the infamous “Men’s Issue” that she releases each year and how much attention it receives.

“The guys are hilarious; they’re always fighting about who gets the front cover.”

To learn more about West Georgia Woman Magazine, visit their website.